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Opening of Japan House São Paulo

April 7, 2017

1. The first opening ceremony for one of the Japan Houses that will serve as Japan’s new communication hubs overseas is to be held in São Paulo on April 30.

2. The opening ceremony is scheduled to be attended by Mr. Kengo Kuma, the architect who oversaw the design supervision, as well as others involved in the project such as Mr. Kenya Hara, the general producer for the project as a whole. In addition, coordination is taking place toward having representatives attend from both Japan and Brazil.

3. After the opening ceremony is held on April 30, an “opening week” will take place over the following week, with various events scheduled to be held locally.

4. Additionally, a concert featuring prominent artists from Japan and Brazil is also being planned as an event for enlivening the Japan House opening.

(Reference) Japan Houses Japan Houses are new communication hubs founded on the concept of conveying a message of “Japan contributes to enrich the world” by providing a one-stop service where users can obtain a range of information about Japan in one go, establishing restaurants, shops and other facilities, achieving communication through a Japan-wide effort that proactively utilizes private-sector dynamism and regional appeal, and furthermore by drawing on the expertise of specialists. Japan Houses are scheduled to be established in London, São Paulo and Los Angeles with the goal of increasing the range of people friendly to and knowledgeable about Japan by disseminating Japan’s varied appeal.

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