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Relaxation of Visa Requirements for Nationals of Russian Federation

December 16, 2016

1. The relaxation of visa requirements for short-term stay for nationals of the Russian Federation (ordinary passport holders), decided on the occasion of the visit to Japan of H.E. Mr. Putin, Vladimir Vladimirovich, President of the Russian Federation, will come in effect on January 1, 2017.

2. The specific measures to be taken are as follows:

(1) The scope of applicants eligible for multiple entry visas for short-term stay with business purposes and for cultural and intellectual figures will be expanded, and in addition, the validity period of the visas will be extended from 3 years to 5 years maximum.

(2) The multiple entry visas (terms of validity: 3 years, period of stay: 30 days maximum) for short-term stay (for various purposes, including tourism) will be newly introduced in addition to existing single entry visas.

(3) The letter of reference from guarantor will be abolished for applicants of visas for short-term stay in case they travel to Japan financed by themselves.

3. The abovementioned relaxation of visa requirements are expected to further advance people-to-people exchanges with Russia, including improvement of convenience for tourists and business persons as well as an increase in repeat visitors.

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