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Emeritus Professor Shinya MURASE, Sophia University, Re-elected to the International Law Commission

November 4, 2016

1. An election for membership of the International Law Commission (ILC) was held on November 4 (November 3, local time) at the 71th United Nations General Assembly held in New York, and Emeritus Prof. Shinya MURASE (current member of the ILC and Emeritus Professor of Sophia University) was re-elected. He gained 148 votes out of 191 valid votes cast.

2. Japan places great importance on establishing the "rule of law" in the international community to settle disputes in a peaceful manner and to bring about worldwide peace and prosperity. From this viewpoint, Japan believes that the development of international law is essential. As an organ of the General Assembly of the United Nations that aims for the progressive development of international law and its codification, the ILC has made a large contribution to the development of international law.

3. Emeritus Prof. MURASE has been a member of the ILC since the by-election in 2009and greatly contributing to its activities.. He is now acting as a special rapporteur on the protection on atmosphere. Since the international law has increasingly becoming specialized and fragmented in each field such as international environmental law, international economic law, international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international criminal law and so on, Emeritus Prof. MURASE insists that the ILC is invited to assume its role of ensuring the consistency among the principles and rules of the general international law by way of conducting a cross-cutting analysis of international rules which have been independently formulated and developed in each field. Emeritus Prof. MURASE has thus underscored the need for the redefinition and activation of the role of the ILC.

4. The re-election of Emeritus Prof. MURASE shows the positive appreciation of his past contribution by international community. His continuous contribution is also important for Japan to continute to actively participate in and contribute to the development of international law through the ILC.

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