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Asia Pacific Symposium on the 1980 Hague Convention

June 6, 2016

1. For the purpose of strengthening the implementation regime of the 1980 Hague Convention in Asia-Pacific Region, Asia-Pacific Symposium on the 1980 Hague Convention will be held at Waseda University on Wednesday, June 29 and 30. The symposium will be jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Hague Conference on Private International Law and Waseda University.

2. Judiciaries and Central Authorities, which play important roles in the implementation of the Hague Convention, of 19 states mainly from Asia Pacific Region will participate in the symposium.

3. The symposium program includes demonstrations of mediation and conciliation process and Panel Discussion. Additionally, the symposium will offer the delegates of the states with opportunities to discuss and share their experience and knowledge by themselves.

4. Mr. Masakazu Hamachi, Parliamentary vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs is going to give a speech at the closing session.

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