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Dispatch of a Special Envoy of the Prime Minister for the Inauguration Ceremony of the President of Uganda

May 10, 2016

1. Following the result of the presidential election of Uganda in February this year, the presidential inauguration ceremony for H.E. Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be held on May 12.

2. Considering the importance of the bilateral relationship, the Government of Japan has decided to dispatch Mr. Kazunori Tanaka, Member of the House of Representatives and Vice President of the Japan-AU Parliamentary Friendship League, as a Special Envoy of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, to the Republic of Uganda to attend the ceremony.

3. With this dispatch, Japan wishes to offer its congratulations on the reappointment of President Museveni and further promote the cooperative relationship between Japan and Uganda.


May 11 Depart Haneda
 Arrive at Entebbe
12 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony
13 Bilateral meetings
 Depart Entebbe
14 Arrive at Narita

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