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The 14th Japan-NATO High-Level Consultations

February 18, 2016

1. On Thursday February 18, the 14th Japan-NATO High-Level Consultations were held in Brussels, Belgium.

2. The Japanese delegation was headed by Mr. Shinsuke J. Sugiyama, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, MOFA. The NATO delegation was headed by Ambassador Thrasyvoulos Terry Stamatopoulos, Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy.

3. Through the consultations, Japan and NATO discussed a wide range of issues such as respective security policies, Japan-NATO cooperation, and regional situations.

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NATO was established by 12 members in 1949 to defend allied nations. The organization has now 28 allies in North America and Europe. Additionally, NATO has partnerships with dozens of countries. Japan is one of the Partners across the globe together with Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Mongolia and others. NATO is promoting dialogue and cooperation with all these partners.

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