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Study Tour in Tochigi Prefecture for the Diplomatic Corps in Japan

January 28, 2016

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan will organize a Study Tour with Tochigi Prefecture for the diplomatic corps in Japan on February 3 and 4.

2. These regional study tours are held every year by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with local governments in order to showcase regional attractions such as culture and industries for diplomats in Japan.

3. During this Study Tour, the diplomatic corps are scheduled to visit history, culture and industry related facilities in Tochigi Prefecture in order to deepen their understanding of Tochigi Prefecture.

4. Expected participants:23 diplomats from 15 countries and 1 delegation

Bahrain, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Cuba, Palau, EU, Zambia, India, Uganda, Mozambique, Thailand, Philippines, Mongolia and U.S.A.

(Reference) Tentative Itinerary

February 3 : Mashiko Pottery Making Experience at Tsukamoto, Sakagura Experience at the Sake Brewery Tonoikeshuzoten and Oya Historical Museum
4 : Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Strawberry Picking at Deainomori Strawberry Picking Tourist Farm in Kanuma, Coco Farm & Winery and Ashikaga Flower Park

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