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The 10th Trilateral Senior Foreign Affairs Officials’ Consultation

March 5, 2015

1. The 10th Trilateral Senior Foreign Affairs Officials’ Consultation among Japan, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea will be held in Seoul on March 11. Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Sugiyama Shinsuke and his Chinese and Korean counterparts, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Liu Zhenmin and Deputy Minister for Political Affairs Lee Kyung-soo, will attend the meeting as the heads of their respective delegations.

2. In the Consultation, the three countries will consult on necessary coordination in view of a possible Trilateral Foreign Ministers’ Meeting as well as cooperative initiatives, the future direction of the trilateral cooperation and the role of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat.

(List of the former Trilateral Senior Foreign Affairs Officials’ Consultations)

The 1st Consultation: May 19, 2007 Beijing
The 2nd Consultation: October 28, 2007 Seoul
The 3rd Consultation: December 9, 2008 Tokyo
The 4th Consultation: February 1, 2010 Beijing
The 5th Consultation: April 2, 2010 Jeju
The 6th Consultation: February 16, 2011 Tokyo
The 7th Consultation: March 5, 2012 Beijing
The 8th Consultation: November 7, 2013 Seoul
The 9th Consultation: September 11, 2014 Seoul

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