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Foreign Minster's Commendations for FY 2014

July 24, 2014

1. On Monday August 4, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold a ceremony for the Foreign Minister's Commendations for FY 2014 followed by a reception at Iikura Guesthouse.

2. This year, the Commendation will be awarded to 108 individuals and 30 groups (of which, 20 individuals and 10 groups are from Japan, and 88 individuals and 20 groups are from overseas), who will be presented with award certificates and commemorative gifts (pure silk furoshiki) by the Foreign Minister, Mr. Fumio Kishida.

3. The Foreign Minister's Commendations are awarded to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in international fields, to acknowledge their contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries and areas. The Commendation also aims to promote the understanding and support of the Japanese public for their activities.

4. In addition, excellent Chefs for Ambassadors/Consul-Generals of Japan will also be awarded with the commendations by the Foreign Minister on this occasion. A total of 15 chefs with superior achievements and high contributions will receive the title of the “Excellent Executive Chef for Ambassador/Consul-General of Japan.” The Foreign Minister’s Commendations and awarding of the title aim to once again recognize the significance of their contributions to the diplomatic activities and at the same time to boost to facilitate recruitment of such chefs in the future.

On this occasion, longtime service diplomats (25-year and 35-year careers) will also be awarded with the commendations.


Chefs for Ambassadors/Consul-Generals of Japan and Foreign Minister’s Commendations

Overseas diplomatic establishments are bases of diplomatic activities such as negotiation, exchange of views, and building of human networks with their counterpart governments and others. Inviting influential figures of the government, business community, and diplomatic missions and offering dining at the official residence of the heads of diplomatic establishments is one of the most effective diplomatic tools. For such purposes, heads of diplomatic establishments generally hires and take a Chefs for overseas. The Foreign Minister’s Commendation for Chefs for Ambassadors/Consul-Generals of Japan started from FY 1985 and a total of 319 chefs have been commended to date (the 30th commendation). The title of “Excellent Executive Chef for Ambassador/Consul-General of Japan” has been accredited from FY 2008.

(* This is a provisional translation. The above date denotes the date of the issue of the original press release in Japanese.)
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