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Study Tour to Kitakyushu City by the Diplomatic Corps in Japan

October 11, 2013

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan will organize a Study Tour with Kitakyushu City for the diplomatic corps in Japan from October 18 to 20.

2. These regional study tours are held every year by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with local governments in order to showcase regional attractions such as culture and industries for diplomats in Japan.

3. During this Study Tour, the diplomatic corps in Japan are scheduled to visit the city’s environmental facilities and industrial- and cultural-related facilities and to interact with companies and other organizations in order to deepen their understanding of Kitakyushu City.

In addition, participants are scheduled to attend the “OECD Green Cities Programme Commemorative Meeting for the Kitakyushu Report Publication” and the “International Conference on the Future of Cities,” which will be held in the city.

4. Expected participants:

13 diplomats from 11 countries
Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Bangladesh, Guinea, Haiti, India, Tanzania, Zambia, Argentina, Botswana and Kuwait.


Tentative Itinerary

October18Community Energy Management System
Yaskawa Electric Corporation
OECD Green Cities Programme Commemorative Meeting for the Kitakyushu Report Publication
Reception hosted by Kitakyushu City
October19Kitakyushu Eco-Town
Next Generation Energy Park
Environmental Museum of Water
Kitakyushu Eco Life Stage
TOTO showroom
October20International Conference on the Future of Cities
Kokura Castle and Kokura Castle Garden
Mojiko Retro District


(* The foregoing is a provisional translation. The date indicated above denotes the date of issue of the original press release in Japanese.)
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