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The Adoption of the Draft Resolution on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons submitted by Japan in the Plenary Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly

December 8, 2022
  1. On December 8 (December 7 local time), the draft resolution entitled “Steps to building a common roadmap towards a world without nuclear weapons”, submitted by Japan, was adopted with the support of 147 countries in the Plenary Meeting of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.
  2. This draft resolution was adopted in the First Committee of the UN General Assembly on October 31. Taking into consideration the discussions at the Tenth NPT Review Conference held this August, the Government of Japan is cognizant of the need to present a way forward for realistic and practical measures to realize a world without nuclear weapons. To this end, the Government of Japan has submitted this resolution which is based on the “Hiroshima Action Plan” proposed by Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio at the aforementioned conference, and which calls on the importance of continuing the record of non-use of nuclear weapons, enhancing transparency as well as disarmament and non-proliferation education that fosters the accurate understanding on the realities of nuclear weapons use.
  3. The draft resolution this year was adopted with broad support from states with various positions including nuclear-weapon-States such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and France as well as many non-nuclear-weapon States. Through this draft resolution, Japan will work to enhance the momentum of the international community to achieve a world without nuclear weapons and steadily advance realistic and practical efforts, bearing in mind that the G7 Summit will be held in Hiroshima next year.
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