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Japan-Mexico Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

September 26, 2022
H.E. Mr. Marcelo Luis EBRARD CASAUBÓN, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States and Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
Japan-Mexico Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

 On September 26, commencing at 5:05 p.m., for approximately 35 minutes, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, held a meeting with H.E. Mr. Marcelo Luis EBRARD CASAUBÓN, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States, who is visiting Japan to attend the State Funeral for former Prime Minister Abe. The overview of the meeting is as follows.

  1. At the outset, Minister Hayashi expressed his gratitude for the visit of Secretary Ebrard to attend the State Funeral, and stated that Japan attaches importance to the cooperation with Mexico, a “Strategic Global Partner”, who shares fundamental values. Secretary Ebrard expressed his heartfelt condolences on the passing of former Prime Minister Abe, and recalled that former Prime Minister was well respected in Mexico and had contributed greatly to the deepening of bilateral relations with Mexico. In addition, Secretary Ebrard stated that he would like to strengthen bilateral ties, including people-to-people and academic exchanges, as well as cooperation in science and technology, and international arena.
  2. Minister Hayashi pointed out the importance of legal stability for Japanese companies investing in Mexico from a medium to long-term perspective, and expressed his expectations for ensuring legal stability, particularly in the energy sector. In response, Secretary Ebrard stated that Mexico would address the issue, taking into account the interest of Japan, an important partner for Mexico.
  3. Minister Hayashi stated that Russia's aggression against Ukraine is an act that undermines the very foundation of the international order and that the international community must be united in responding to it. The two ministers also exchanged views on international and regional issues and concurred that they would continue to work closely together, including UN Security Council reform and strengthening the function of the United Nations as a whole. Furthermore, they exchanged views on the situation in North Korea, along with its nuclear and missile activities such as the ballistic missile launched on September 25th as well as the abduction issue, and confirmed that they would continue to cooperate in response to North Korea.
  4. The two ministers concurred that, as the two countries both facing the Pacific Ocean, they would enhance their cooperation in order to reinforce and realize the international order based on the rule of law. They also shared the view to promote cooperation between Japan and the Pacific Alliance, currently chaired by Mexico. In addition, the two ministers shared the recognition on the importance of maintaining the high standards of the CPTPP.

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