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Japan -Australia-India-U.S. Consultations

September 6, 2022
  1. Japan -Australia-India-U.S. Consultations was convened in Delhi, India, from September 5 to 6 2022.
  2. At this consultations, the officials followed up the Summit meetings and the Foreign Minister’s meetings that have been held so far and concurred on advancing practical cooperation among the four countries in various fields toward the achievement of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”. The officials also exchanged views on regional issues.

Japan: Mr. ICHIKAWA Keiichi, Director General, Foreign Policy Bureau, from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Australia: Mr. Justin Hayhurst, Deputy Secretary (Indo-Pacific Group), from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
India: Ms. Vani Rao, Additional Secretary (Americas) from Ministry of External Affairs.
U.S.: Mr. Donald Lu, Assistant Secretary (South and Central Asian Affairs) and Ms. Camille P. Dawson, Deputy Assistant Secretary (East Asian and Pacific Affairs)), from Department of State.

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