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The UN Triangular Partnership Programme
Training for engineering personnel in Asia

July 27, 2022
  1. Japan will dispatch 26 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force(JGSDF) personnel and 1 coordinator from the Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation Headquarters, Cabinet Office to train Indonesian engineering personnel for the operation of heavy engineering equipment(HEE) in the training course to be conducted from August 8 to September 16 in Indonesia under the UN Triangular Partnership Program(TPP) organized by the UN Department of Operational Support. This will be the first training session of this program conducted in Indonesia.
  2. This training is intended to enable Indonesian engineering personnel to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for developing infrastructure and camps, etc. in UN peacekeeping operations. The graduates of this training are expected to be dispatched to peacekeeping missions and contribute to the swift and smooth implementation of missions’ activities.

(Reference 1) UN Triangular Partnership Programme (TPP)
TPP is a framework in which the UN, supporting member states and troop-contributing countries cooperate to support capacity building of UN peacekeepers. At the First Leaders’ Summit on Peacekeeping held at the UN Headquarters in 2014, then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his support for rapid deployment, which led to the establishment of TPP.

Since then, Japan has been taking a leading role in promoting this framework by dispatching instructors to training in fields such as engineering and medical care.

(Reference 2) Japan’s experience of HEE training to date
Since 2015, Japan has conducted a total of 10 training sessions targeting African countries and trained 312 personnel from eight countries. Since 2018, Japan has conducted a total of 3 training sessions targeting Asian and its neighboring countries and trained 56 personnel from nine countries.

This will be the fourth training session in Asia and the first one in Indonesia. The previous training session was held in Vietnam from February to March in 2020.

(Reference 3) Outline of the training

  1. 1 Period of the course: August 8 to September 16, 2022
  2. 2 Duty station: Indonesia Peace and Security Center(IPSC), Bogor
  3. 3 Trainer team: 27 personnel led by JGSDF TOYODA Tsuyoshi
  4. 4 Content: Education on the operation and maintenance of HEE for Indonesian engineering personnel

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