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ARF-ISM on ICTs Security 6th OESG

January 26, 2021
  1. On January 26, the ARF-ISM on ICTs Security (ARF Inter-Sessional Meeting on Security of and in the Use of Information and Communication Technologies) 6th Open Ended Study Group (OESG) on Confidence Building Measures was held online, co-chaired by Japan (Mr. SATO Daisuke, Director of Economic Security Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Malaysia and Singapore.
  2. This expert-level meeting was held to discuss specific proposals on confidence building measures as well as the whole range of issues on ICTs Security and submit the output of these discussions to the ARF ISM on ICTs Security, which is scheduled to be held this spring.
  3. At this 6th OESG, the participants exchanged their views on regional and global ICT landscape and their efforts and initiatives. They also had discussions on possible confidence building measures which should be promoted in the future.
  4. Furthermore, the participants affirmed that ARF members have to actively contribute to the international discussion regarding cybersecurity including the Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) and the Open-ended Working Group (OEWG).

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