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The 17th Japan International MANGA Award Winner Announcement

December 26, 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan established the Japan International MANGA Award in 2007 to honor manga artists, who have contributed to the spread of manga culture overseas and international cultural exchange through manga, and awards outstanding overseas manga works in the name of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This year, the 17th edition of the award received a record number of 587 entries from 82 countries and regions. For the first time, entries were received from four African countries: Ethiopia, Comoros, Senegal, and Rwanda.

  1. The selection for the award was made strictly by a selection committee chaired by Ms. SATONAKA Machiko, manga artist, after an initial selection committee in cooperation with the Association of Manga Publishers. Based on the judging results, the Executive Committee approved 15 winning works, including one Gold Award winner, three Silver Award winners, and two Special Encouragement Award winners, as below.
  2. The Gold Award winner and Silver Award winners will be invited to Japan by the Japan Foundation to attend an awards ceremony in Tokyo in March 2024.
  3. Winners
    1. Gold Award
      Title of work: Wind Chaser Under the Blue Sky
      Artist: Chien Jason (Taiwan)
    2. Silver Award
      Title of work: Just Friends
      Artist: Ana Oncina (Spain)

      Title of work: The dancing universe
      Artist: Nachi (Vietnam)

      Title of work: Chronos Express
      Artist: Bonnie Pang (Hong Kong)
    3. The Special Encouragement Award Title of work: spectrum
      Artist: Ahlem Khedri (Tunisia)
      Original author: Samah Kamil (Saudi Arabia)

      Title of work: Blend Dark and Light
      Artist: Chiya (Hong Kong)
      Original author: Hua-Ling (Taiwan)
(Reference1) Japan International MANGA Award

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs founded the Japan International MANGA Award in 2007 for the purpose of expanding international exchange and mutual understanding through world-famous manga culture.

This award aims to honor manga artists who contribute to the development of manga culture in the world.

(Reference2) Application

There were 587 entries from 82 countries and regions this year, which was record-high number of entries. Countries and regions with most entries are China (1st: 83 entries), Taiwan (2nd: 69 entries), and the United States (3rd: 39 entries).

(Reference3) Members of the Selection Committee of the Award

Ms. SATONAKA Machiko, manga artist [Chairperson]
Ms. IPPONGI Ban, manga artist
Mr. OSHIMA Makoto, former editor in chief
Mr. KISHIMOTO Kenji, former editor in chief
Mr. MORIKAWA George, manga artist

(Reference4) Members of the Executive Committee of the Award

Ms. KAMIKAWA Yoko, Minister for Foreign Affairs [Chairperson]
Mr. UMEMOTO Kazuyoshi, President, Japan Foundation
Ms. SHIRAISHI Saya, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University
Mr. SUGIYAMA Kotaro, President, LIGHTPUBLICITY Co. Ltd.
Mr. Frederik L. SCHODT, translator, interpreter and writer
Mr. MARUSAWA Shigeru, Executive Managing Director, SHOGAKUKAN INC.

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