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Submission of Japan’s Counterargument to the WTO against China’s notification of emergency measures

September 4, 2023
  1. On August 31, 2023 (Geneva Time), China, in accordance with the WTO SPS Agreement, submitted its notification of emergency measures to the WTO, concerning its decision to suspend imports of all aquatic products originating in Japan.
  2. In response, on September 4, Japan submitted its counterargument in writing to the WTO, explaining the safety of the discharge of ALPS treated water into the sea, including through the monitoring results after the start of the discharge, and expressing that the suspension of imports by China is totally unacceptable, and that it strongly urges China to immediately repeal its measures.
  3. Japan has continuously been urging China to immediately repeal its import restriction measures. Japan, in addition to the submission of its counterargument, will continue to provide explanation on its position in related committees in the WTO.

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