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Situation Concerning the General Election in Cambodia
(Statement by Press Secretary ONO Hikariko)

May 26, 2023
  1. The Government of Japan closely watches with concern the situation toward the General Election in Cambodia in July.
  2. In the path of building healthy democratic society, it is essential to create an environment which enables the people to express diverse opinions. The Government of Japan has been supporting Cambodia’s democratic development through dialogue with the Royal Government, ruling and opposition parties, civil society and other stakeholders of Cambodia, conveying candid views, and providing them with continuous assistance.
  3. Cambodia’s democratic development is important for itself and for the region and the international community. The Government of Japan will continue to support democratic development of Cambodia.

Prior to the General Elections in Cambodia in July, the Candlelight Party, the second largest political party of the Commune Elections last year, was rejected by the National Election Committee (NEC) to join the General Election because of the lack of document in the party registration process. On May 25, the complaint filed by the Candlelight Party was dismissed by the Constitutional Council of Cambodia.

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