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Evacuation of Japanese Citizens and Others from the Republic of the Sudan

April 27, 2023
  1. On April 27, as part of the effort to evacuate Japanese citizens in response to the situation in Sudan, four Japanese citizens and one family member of a Japanese citizen who had requested evacuation were evacuated to Djibouti from Wadi Seidna air base, located north of the capital Khartoum, with cooperation of Canada.
  2. The Government of Japan expresses its sincere appreciation for the cooperation extended by Canada, Djibouti and all other parties in evacuating Japanese citizens and others.
  3. The Government of Japan will continue to do everything possible to ensure the safety of Japanese citizens in Sudan and provide them with the necessary support while working closely with relevant countries at the Japanese Embassy’s temporary office in Djibouti.

[Reference] Japanese citizens and family members of other nationalities evacuated from Sudan:
 Total of 65 people (57 Japanese citizens, 8 family members of other nationalities)

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