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Additional Dispatches of the Japan Disaster Relief Medical Team in Response to the Earthquake Damage in the Republic of Türkiye (February 14)

February 14, 2023

Today, February 14, and tomorrow, February 15, the Government of Japan will conduct the 3rd and 4th dispatches of members of the Japan Disaster Relief Medical Team in response to the damages caused by the earthquake that occurred in the southeastern part of Türkiye.

  1. 41 members of the team have already been dispatched and are steadily providing medical assistance to the victims of the earthquake. The team is planned to ultimately consist of a total of approximately 75 members. In addition, yesterday, February 13, the necessary assets and equipment needed by the team were transported by Japanese Self-Defense Forces aircraft.
  2. Japan will continue to further assess the damage on the ground and consider necessary assistance based on the needs of the Turkish government.
(Reference)Japan Disaster Relief Medical Team

The team consists of personnel that includes the team leader, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical coordinators, task coordinators, etc.

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