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Professor ASADA Masahiko, Doshisha University, Elected to the International Law Commission

November 13, 2021
  1. An election for membership of the International Law Commission (ILC) was held on November 13 (November 12, local time) at the 76th United Nations General Assembly held in New York, and Prof. ASADA Masahiko (Professor of Doshisha University as well as Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University) was elected. He gained 154 votes out of 191 valid votes cast.
  2. Japan places great importance on establishing the "rule of law" in the international community to settle disputes in a peaceful manner and to bring about worldwide peace and prosperity. From this viewpoint, Japan believes that the development of international law is essential. As an organ of the General Assembly of the United Nations that aims for the progressive development of international law and its codification, the ILC has made a large contribution to the development of international law.
  3. The election of Prof. ASADA is a testament to the high expectation for his qualification backed by numerous achievements regarding international law in Japan and abroad as well as considerable work experience in this field. His election is also important for Japan to continute to actively participate in and contribute to the development of international law through the ILC.

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