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Emergency grant aid to deliver the anti-viral medicine Avigan to countries with COVID-19 patients

April 8, 2020
  1.  Based on the requests from many countries, the Government of Japan intends to expand clinical research on Avigan on COVID-19 in cooperation with interested countries.
  2.  From this viewpoint, on 7th April, the Government of Japan decided to provide Emergency Grant Aid of 1 million US dollars to the countries with COVID-19 patients.
  3.  This will provide procurement and transport of the required number of Avigan tablets as requested by beneficiary governments to Japan, through UNOPS and from a pre-selected supplier.
  4.  Japan will continue to work closely with the international community to tackle the global challenge of COVID-19.

 (Note)Each recipient government will be responsible for the use of Avigan, which should only be used in accordance with the guidelines to be provided by the Government of Japan, as well as the applicable WHO guidance and beneficiary country’s own national legal requirements.


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