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Statement by Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida on the ceasefire agreement in eastern Ukraine

February 13, 2015
1. Agreement including on ceasefire in eastern Ukraine was reached through the summit meeting between Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine in Minsk, Belarus from the night of February 11th to 12th.

2. Japan has been deeply concerned about deterioration of the situation in eastern Ukraine. Japan welcomes the reached agreement on the improvement of the situation including ceasefire from February 15th by tireless efforts of states concerned, such as mediation by the leaders of Germany and France.

3. Japan strongly hopes that the ceasefire will be firmly implemented through the withdrawal of heavy weapons, foreign troops and mercenaries from Ukrainian territory under the agreement and that the situation in eastern Ukraine will be improved.

4. Japan, once again, calls upon all parties concerned to continue their efforts towards a peaceful solution of the conflict in full respect of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The Government of Japan will continue to follow the development of the situation, and make its utmost efforts to improve the situation placing significance on solidarity of the G7.

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