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Appointment of Hula girl as a PR Goodwill Ambassador for PALM8

December 26, 2017
  1. On Tuesday, December 26, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to appoint Spa Resort Hawaiians Dancing Team “Hula Girl” as a PR Goodwill Ambassador for PALM8. This is the third time for “Hula Girl” to be appointed as the Ambassador for PALM following PALM6 and PALM7.
  2. “Hula Girl” has a strong link with the Pacific islands countries as their performance is much inspired by Polynesian dances and it is expected that this appointment will contribute to stimulating interests of the Japanese people toward the PALM and the Pacific islands countries.
  3. As a dancing team based in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, where PALM8 will be held, in addition to PR activities for PALM8, “Hula Girl” will contribute to appealing recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  4. As the PR Goodwill Ambassador for PALM8, “Hula Girl” will introduce PALM8 and the Pacific islands countries to the wider public until May 31, 2018, by participating PALM8 related events.

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