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Press Conference by Deputy Press Secretary OHTAKA Masato

Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 4:42 p.m. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Foreign Minister Kono’s Attendance at the United Nations General Assembly

Matsui, Asahi Shimbun: Minister for Foreign Affairs Taro Kono will soon be leaving for the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. I would imagine that the Minister will be requesting countries participating in the General Assembly to implement the sanctions resolution against North Korea. Please explain the type of role Japan hopes to fulfill at the UN General Assembly for the execution of the sanctions resolution.

Mr. Masato Otaka, Deputy Press Secretary: The latest Security Council resolution is very robust. Japan considers the resolution very important and highly appreciates that the resolution was adopted promptly and unanimously. In this regard it is vital that the resolution be implemented. As you noted, Japan will naturally be working closely with various countries to ensure the implementation and effectiveness of the resolution.

The UN’s high-level week will be an extremely important opportunity. In addition to the Foreign Minister, the Prime Minister will be there during the high-level week. Needless to say Japan will seize a variety of opportunities to encourage and promote the implementation of the resolution. As to which opportunities they will be specifically, I am not yet able to say as the schedule is still being arranged. We do view this occasion as a fundamentally important opportunity.

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