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Press Conference by Foreign Press Secretary Yasuhisa Kawamura

Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 4:35 p.m. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Opening Statement

The Result of the Presidential Election in the Islamic Republic of The Gambia

Foreign Press Secretary Kawamura: Japan welcomes that Mr. Adama Barrow was elected as the new president of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia in the presidential election held on December 1, and that the power will be transferred peacefully by President Yahya Jammeh, respecting the will of the people of The Gambia. Japan hopes the people of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia will act in the spirit of cooperation for a peaceful transfer of power.

Japan hopes bilateral relations between Japan and The Gambia will be advanced further with Mr. Barrow as the new president.

Prime Minister Abe’s Visit to Hawaii

Geshi, Asahi Shimbun: It has been made clear that Prime Minister Abe will visit Pearl Harbor, and it has been said that it is the first visit by a sitting Prime Minister of Japan to Pearl Harbor to pay respects. I would like to ask, in what way is it the first?

Foreign Press Secretary Kawamura: I recognize it as the first visit by a sitting prime minister to pay respects at the Arizona Memorial.

Geshi, Asahi Shimbun: There is also a record of Mr. Shigeru Yoshida visiting Pearl Harbor in 1951 while he served as prime minister, how does that relate?

Foreign Press Secretary Kawamura: Relevant department is still trying to confirm the details, however, Prime Minister Yoshida did visit Honolulu in 1951 while serving as prime minister. It is not currently clear, however, whether he visited Pearl Harbor, or furthermore paid respects. Incidentally, I also understand that the Arizona Memorial was not yet constructed in 1951.

(Note) The following is a note on the above point, made after confirming with the relevant department.
In 1951 Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida (at the time) did pay a visit to Honolulu, and paid respects to the war dead at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. However, no official event at Pearl Harbor has been confirmed. At the time the Arizona Memorial was not.

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