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Release of the Presidential Decree on Electoral Reform in Afghanistan(Statement by Foreign Press Secretary Kawamura)

September 18, 2015
1 Japan welcomes the recent release of the presidential decree on the electoral reform in Afghanistan as a step leading to the progress of its democratic process. This presidential decree was issued followed by the recommendation made by the Special Electoral Reform Commission of Afghanistan.

2 As for the electoral reform, Japan considers that the release of the presidential decree is a positive development for finding a way out of the difficulties in the current situation in which the original schedule has been greatly delayed.

3 Japan will strongly urge the steady implementation of this presidential decree through cooperation among all stakeholders in order to advance its electoral reform. It also strongly urges that the election of the members of the National Assembly (Wolesi Jirga) takes place as early as possible.

4 Japan is actively working towards the stability of Afghanistan in the fields of political process, security and reconstruction assistance, under the policy of not allowing Afghanistan to revert to a hotbed of terrorism, and it intends to continue such support.

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