Achievements as a Member of the Security Council during 2009-2010

October 2011

Towards a Secure World

North Korea

UN Security Council dealt with a series of North Korea’s provocative actions during 2009-10. Among others, Japan demonstrated initiative in the speedy adoption of Resolution 1874 in response to North Korea’s nuclear test in May 2009 and made significant contributions to the issuing of UN Security Council presidential statements condemning North Korea’s missile launches in April 2009 and its attack which led to the sinking of the Republic of Korea naval vessel "Cheonan" in July 2010.

Iran Nuclear issue

In response to Iran’s continued violations of relevant UN Security Council resolutions, in particular through its uranium enrichment activities, Japan hasbeen engaging actively in the Security Council’s efforts to uphold the nuclear non-proliferation regime in the Middle East. Japan served as Chair of the 1737 Committee (the Council’s body for monitoring sanctions imposed on Iran) during 2009-10 and took initiative in ensuring the full implementation of the relevant resolutions, including the establishment of the Panel of Experts.

Towards a World without Conflicts


The situation in Afghanistan has been discussed in the Security Council regularly, including consideration of the mandates and work of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). Japan took the lead in the Council discussions on the issue of Afghanistan throughout the year 2009 by drafting resolutions and statements regarding the Afghan presidential elections in 2009.


In the wake of the devastating earthquake which struck Haiti in January 2010, the Security Council increased the authorized strength of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) by 3,500. In response, Japan dispatched an Engineering Squadron of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) of approximately 350 SDF personnel to MINUSTAH for the reconstruction and recovery of Haiti.


Japan, as the lead country on Timor-Leste in the Security Council during 2009-10, took a leadership role in the adoption of Resolution 1912 which decided to extend the mandate of UNMIT, amongst others. Since September 2010, Japan has dispatched two personnel of SDF to the mission as military liaison officers.


On African issues, Japan actively contributed to the discussion in the Security Council as to how the international community can better assist the general elections and the referendum in Sudan and dispatched the observation missions, respectively. Japan has dispatched two personnel of SDF to UNMIS headquarters since October 2008, and sent SDF off the coast of Somalia as a part of anti-piracy operations, in response to the call by a series of Security Council resolutions.

Towards a More Transparent UN

In 2010, Japan took the initiative to issue a revised version of "Presidential Note 507," a document compiling various measures taken by the Security Council aimed at improving its working methods and transparency. It is hoped that the revised document will serve as a useful tool for the delegations of UN Member States to familiarize themselves with the current procedures and practices of the Council.

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