IV. Contributions in Kind

   By defining the scope of Japan's contribution to UN peacekeeping operations, the International Peace Cooperation Law states that Japan can contribute by dispatching personnel and Self-Defense Forces contingents as well as by contributing in kind.

   To date, Japan has made contributions in kind to UNTAC, ONUMOZ, the UNHCR, and UNDOF.

Excutive Secretary Suzuki of the Secretariat of the inaternational Peace Cooperation Headquarters presenting relief materials for Rwandan refugees to the representative of the Tokyo Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

1. Contributions in Kind to UNTAC (Fiscal 1992)

Japan provided audiovisual equipment - including televisions, radios, small generators, small radios and radio/cassette recorders - to UNTAC for information and educational purposes in support of national assembly elections in Cambodia intended to establish the constitution. Japan also provided medicines for 200,000 disarmed Cambodian military personnel and their families.

2. Contributions in Kind to ONUMOZ (Fiscal 1994)

   Japan provided ONUMOZ with audiovisual equipment - including televisions, videocassette players, and small radios - for information and educational purposes in support of the presidential and legislative elections in Mozambique.

3. Contributions in Kind to the UNHCR for the Relief of Rwandan Refugees (Fiscal 1994)

   Japan provided refugee relief supplies - including medicines, large tents, blankets, mats, water tanks, and shovels - for the UNHCR's relief activities for Rwandan refugees.

4. Contributions in Kind to UNDOF (Fiscal 1995)

   Japan provided UNDOF materials necessary for prefabricated housing, which enabled UNDOF to accommodate its personnel.


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