II. Japanese Participation in UN Peacekeeping

UN Peacekeeping Operations in Golan Heights

   In January 1996, Japan dispatched a contingent of the Ground Self-Defense Force and other personnel to the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in the Golan Heights in Syria. Their primary mission is to provide secondary support for staff and transportation for UNDOF.

Syria Arab Republic

Population:13.84 million (1994)
Ethnic divisions:Arabian
Religion:Muslim, Christianity

State of Israel

Population:5.33 million (1993)
Ethnic divisions:Jew(82%), Arabian (18%)
Language:Hebrew, Arabic
Religion:Judaism, Muslim and Christianity

1. Staff Officers

   Japan dispatched two staff officers to UNDOF headquarters at Camp Faouar in Syria. They are engaged in planning and conducting surveys for secondary support of UNDOF's public relations and transport operations. The staff officers are working hard, cooperating closely with staff officers from other countries.

The press attache of Japanese Headquarters
Welcome ceremony at Ziouani billeting area
An abandoned house in the Golan Heights

2. Transport Platoon

   The 43 personnel of the transport platoon of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force are stationed at Camp Ziouani and Camp Faouar. They provide secondary transportation support for UNDOF activities.

   The Japanese personnel are carrying out their mission smoothly, as the situation in the Golan Heights remains calm without any major violations of the cease-fire agreement. They are stationed in a camp in an area sealed off from the community. Despite the harsh environment and extreme temperature variations, they are carrying out their mission in high spirits.

   UNDOF has been operating in the Golan Heights, the major area at issue in the peace talks between Israel and Syria and the focal point of Middle East peace negotiations. UNDOF plays a major role in preventing conflict between the two countries. The Japanese personnel, fully aware of the importance of their operations, are carrying out their mission every day with professionalism.

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