Report on "Analysis of basic framework, and streamlining, of UN activities for enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency" by Professor Sumihiro KUYAMA and Mr. Toru SAKANE

February 2008

Japan, as the second largest financial contributor, places great importance on transparent, effective and efficient management of the United Nations, and has been working to promote and conduct more comprehensive performance evaluation of its activities in order to ensure the maximum use of resources. In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan commissioned experts in the area of administrative and budgetary matters of the UN, Professor Sumihiro Kuyama and Mr. Toru Sakane, to carry out an independent evaluation on the activities of the United Nations after series of meetings with UN Secretariat officials as well as representatives of some UN Member States from June 27 to July 6 last year. (Thus, this report does not represent an official position of the Government of Japan.)

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