Japan decides to continue to dispatch JMSDF vessels to the Indian Ocean in order to support international efforts to fight against terrorism
(Extension of the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law)

October 27, 2006

  1. On October 27, Japan extended the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law for another year until 1st November 2007, in order to continue its support to international efforts to fight against terrorism by dispatching Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) vessels to the Indian Ocean for refueling operations.
  2. Japan enacted the Anti-Terrorism Specials Measures Law in November 2001 in order to contribute to the international society's efforts in eradicating threats of international terrorism following the September 11 attacks in the United States. The Law was extended twice in 2003 and 2005. This is the 3rd extension of the Law.
  3. Based on the Law, JMSDF vessels have supplied 450,000 kilo liters of fuels ($ about 168 million worth)(as of August 31, 2006) to the vessels of coalition forces that are engaged in the operation to prevent and deter free movement of terrorists and their related materials (Operation Enduring Freedom-Maritime Interdiction Operation: OEF-MIO).
  4. The extension of the Law enables JMSDF vessels to continue the refueling activity until November 2007, and shows Japan's commitment to actively participate in the international efforts to fight against terrorism.

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