Japan: Path of 60 Years as a Nation Striving for Peace
(Fact Sheet)

July 2005

During a certain period of the past, Japan followed a mistaken national policy and caused tremendous damage and suffering to the people of many countries, particularly to those of Asian nations, through its colonial rule and aggression. Japan squarely faces these facts of history in a spirit of humility. With feelings of deep remorse and heartfelt apology always engraved in mind, Japan, underpinned by its solid democracy, has resolutely and consistently strived for peace by adhering to a strictly defensive security policy, preventing escalation of international conflict, and dedicating itself to international peace and stability by mobilizing all its resources available. This path speaks for itself, as demonstrated by Japan's assiduous efforts for peace for the past 60 years. Unveiled below are a few of these achievements:

I. Japan adheres to the strictly defensive security policy.

  • Possesses the minimum capability for self-defense and NO aggressive weapons which could cause a threat to other countries:
    • NEVER resorted to use of force since the end of World War II;
    • Maintains its defense budget at around only 1% of its GDP. Keeps its defense policy/posture transparent;
    • NOT possess, NOT produce, NOT permit introducing into Japan, nuclear weapons ("Three Non-Nuclear Principles").
  • Maintains Japan-US Security Arrangements:
    • Thereby contributes to ensuring security & stability of the region.

II. Japan prevents escalation of international conflicts.

  • NOT become a supplier of weapons. Earns NO profits by trading weapons ("Principles on Arms Exports"):
  • Makes strenuous efforts toward the total elimination of nuclear weapons, as the only nation that has suffered nuclear catastrophe:
    • Takes initiatives in disarmament and non-proliferation (e.g. to strengthen the NPT regime and to put the CTBT into force).

III. Japan dedicates itself to international peace and stability.

  • Contributes to the UN;
    • 9-time non-permanent member of the UN Security Council with support of Asian nations;
    • Bears 20% of the total UN budgets.
  • Provides financial assistance (ODA);
    • Extended a total of $230 billion to 185 countries and regions in the past 51 years;
    • Largest donor from 1991 to 2000. Contributed 20% of the world's total ODA for the last decade;
    • Prohibits any use of ODA for military purposes. Prevents escalation of any conflict ("ODA Charter").
  • Cooperates through mobilizing human resources:
    (Peace-keeping, Peace-building, Humanitarian and Reconstruction Support)
    • Participated in the UN PKO in Cambodia, Mozambique, Timor-Leste and Golan Heights etc;
    • Engages in cooperation and support activities in the fight against terrorism by sending the Self Defense Forces in fuel-supply operation in the Indian Ocean since Nov. 2001 (OEF-MIO);
    • Conducts humanitarian and reconstruction activities by the SDF in Iraq since Dec. 2003.
    (Cooperation by Sending and Accepting Experts and Volunteers).
    • Dispatched 280,000 experts and volunteers to 166 countries and received 280,000 foreign trainees to Japan under Japan's technical assistance program;
    • Sent 27,000 Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) to 79 countries.

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