International Law and Treaties

June 26, 2013
  1. Japan has come to the International Court of Justice to make its case, in response to Australia’s claim that Japan’s research whaling is in breach of international law.  Japan’s research programs have been legally conducted for the purposes of scientific research, in accordance with the International Convention of the Regulation on Whaling.

  2. Japan places great importance on international legal order and the rule of law as a basis of the international society.  Japan will participate in the proceedings before the ICJ with utmost sincerity.

  3. Australia claimed that Japan's whaling research is commercial whaling in reality and therefore in breach of the moratorium of commercial whaling adopted by the International Whaling Commission.

  4. Australia’s claim is invalid.  Japan’s research whaling has been conducted for scientific research in accordance with international law.

  5. Japan is a country which upholds promises made in good faith.  Japan is also proud of its tradition of living in harmony with nature, and utilizing living resources while respecting their sustainability.

  6. Japan will participate in the proceedings before the ICJ with utmost sincerity and determination and will present its case in a most elucidating manner.

  7. In preparation for the proceedings, the Government of Japan has undertaken all necessary efforts, mobilizing government experts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fisheries Agency as well as experts in and outside the country.  The Government of Japan is prepared to appear before the Court with full confidence.

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