Diplomatic Bluebook 2002

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Message from the Minister for Foreign Affairs

Chapter I. Overview: The International Community and Japanese Diplomacy in 2001

A. Overview

B. Terrorist Attacks in the United States and the Fight against Terrorism

  1. Terririst Attacks in the United States
  2. Efforts by the International Community
  3. Japan's Efforts
  4. Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan

C. Notable Developments in the International Community

  1. Middle East Peace Process
  2. India-Pakistan Situation
  3. Balkan Situation
  4. Korean Peninsula Situation
  5. Indonesia and East Timor
  6. Africa

D. Promotion of Multi-Layered Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific

  1. Relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  2. ASEAN+3 (Japan, China, and the ROK) and Japan-China-ROK Cooperation
  3. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
  4. Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
  5. The Japan-Singapore Economic Agreement for a New-Age Partnership (JSEPA)

E. Main Bilateral Relations

  1. Japan-United States Relations
  2. Japan-China Relations
  3. Japan-ROK Relations
  4. Japan-Russia Relations<
  5. Japan-Europe Relations
    The Seven Deities of Good Fortune Visit the U.K.

F. Main Efforts by the International Community

  1. Role of the United Nations
    Japanese Working at International Organizations: (1)
    Japanese Working at International Organizations: (2)
    - On the Frontlines of the United Nation's Refugee Works
  2. Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  3. Strengthening the Multilateral Trading System
  4. Efforts on Global Warming Issues
  5. Combating Infectious Disease
  6. Human Security

Chapter II. Japan's Foreign Policy in Major Diplomatic Fields and the Response of the International Community

Section 1. Politics and Security

A. Ensuring Japan's Security

  1. The Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements
  2. Efforts to Improve the Regional Security Environment

B. Promoting World Peace and Stability

  1. Comprehensive Approach to Conflicts
    Electoral Cooperation in Post-Conflict Societies:
    East Timor and Kosovo
  2. Arms Control, Disarmament, and Non-Proliferation

Section 2. The World Economy

A. World Economic Conditions

B. Strengthening Regional Economic Partnerships

C. Other International Economic Issues

Section 3. Development Issues in Developing Countries and Official Development Assistance (ODA)

A. Development Issues and the Situation Surrounding Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA)

B. Priority Issues of ODA in 2001

  1. ODA by Region: Coexistence with Asia and the Rest of the World
  2. ODA by Field: Response to Global Problems

C. Approach to ODA Reform

Providing Health Care Services in Mexico

Section 4. Global Problems

A. Human Rights

B. Global Environmental Problems

C. Transnational Organized Crime, Illegal Drugs, and Piracy

D. Children

E. International Cooperation for the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy and Japan's Science and Technology Cooperation

Chapter III. Principal Regional Conditions

A. Asia and the Pacific

  1. China and Neighboring Countries and Regions
  2. Korean Peninsula
  3. Southeast Asia
  4. South Asia
  5. Oceania

B. North America

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada

C. Latin America and the Caribbean

D. Europe

E. The Russian Federation and the New Independent States (NIS)

F. The Middle East

The Dynamism of the Afghan Conflict

G. Africa

"National Sovereignty" and United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

Chapter IV. International Exchange and Public Relations Activities

A. Promoting International Cultural Exchange

My Experience with the JET Programme

B. Domestic Public Opinion and Public Relations Activities, and Promoting Understanding of Japan in Other Countries

Chapter V. Japan's Diplomatic Administrative Structure

A. Reform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

B. Japan's Diplomatic Structure

C. Consular Functions and Measures for the Protection of Japanese Traveling and Living Abroad

Overseas Voting and the Federation of Prefectures' Associations of Japan in Brazil

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