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White Paper on Development Cooperation 2019

White Paper on Development Cooperation 2019

Japan's International Cooperation


Introduction: Significance of Japan’s International Cooperation

Japan’s Development Cooperation Policy

Main Text

Part I Japan’s Development Cooperation in 2019 – Building a better future by connecting the world in 2019 –
Part II Measures for Each Priority Issue
Part III Assistance for Each Region
Part IV Strengthening Partnership with Diverse Actors and Disseminating Information on Development Cooperation
Photo Collection
Bringing Happiness from Japan to Everyone – Wonderful smiles delivered from around the world –

Reference Statistics

Stories from the Field

Master Techniques from Japan to the World

ODA Topics

Cover Photo Captions

(Top) A Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JOCV) working in a field with a female staff member of an NGO that makes products using local plants in Saponé, Bazèga Province, Burkina Faso (Photo: Anne Mimault)

(Middle) Children enjoying class in a classroom provided through a Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Project, at Corpus Christi Elementary School in San Martín, Peru

(Bottom) The Nippon Causeway, reconstructed with Japanese assistance, in Kiribati (See the column for details) (Photo: Dai Nippon Construction)

All titles of individuals given in this White Paper are those that were current at the time of the applicable events, and the contents of this White Paper are as of the end of December 2019.