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White Paper on Development Cooperation 2018

White Paper on Development Cooperation 2018

Japan's International Cooperation


Japan’s Development Cooperation Policy

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Part I Japan’s Development Cooperation in 2018
Part II Measures for Each Priority Issue
Part III Assistance for Each Region
Part IV Strengthening Partnership with Diverse Actors and Disseminating Information on Development Cooperation
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Stories from the Field

Master Techniques from Japan to the World

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Ms. Minami Furukawa, a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JOCV) acting as a referee in a game of tug of war at the UNDOKAI held at an elementary school in the Kasungu district in central Malawi. Three JOCVs appointed to the district collaborated with the local teachers, and held the UNDOKAI with the participation of three schools. See “Stories from the Field” for details. (Photo: JICA Malawi Office)

All titles of individuals given in this White Paper are those current at the time of the applicable events.