White Paper on Development Cooperation 2016
Stories from the Field

Table of Contents

Stories from the Field

  1. Developing Human Resources as a Foundation for the Market Economy – First Japanese-style business school in Uzbekistan
  2. JICA Volunteers Support Dairy Farming in Malawi – Developing activities for improving veterinary techniques
  3. Supporting the Social Participation of Disabled Persons in Thailand – A bakery supporting employment and independence
  4. Creating the First Unified Civil Code in South Asia – Providing assistance on legal system development for nation building in Nepal
  5. Providing a Place to Learn for the Youth of Syria and Lebanon – Seeking to promote mutual understanding between refugees and host communities
  6. Seeking Peace and Stability in Gaza – The struggle of local staff members who are supporting JICA initiatives
  7. Changing Mindsets to Stop Littering, and Promote Sorting and Collecting Waste – Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers engage in environmental education in Bolivia
  8. Responding to Landslides in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Building mutual cooperation that transcends ethnic boundaries
  9. Supporting Nation Building in Ethiopia through Policy Dialogue – Developing “Kaizen” as a popular movement to create a nation built on manufacturing
  10. Japan’s Assistance Vastly Improves Crop Yields – Working to improve agricultural productivity in mountainous regions of Peru
  11. Protecting the Forests of Papua New Guinea – Japan’s support for sustainable forest management
  12. Transforming Education with Braille Printers – Supporting education and work opportunities for visually impaired persons in Serbia