Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2013
Stories from the field

Table of Contents

Part II

  1. Education is Much Mightier than the Sword: An Education Improvement Project for Malala’s Homeland
    – Supporting hard and soft infrastructure for vocational training in Pakistan –
  2. Saving Lives by Promoting Hand Washing in Hospitals
    – Saraya’s Disinfection Business in Uganda –
  3. Bringing Infrastructure and Human Resources Together to Deliver Safe Water
    – Support for Cambodia from the Kitakyushu City Water and Sewer Bureau –
  4. Cultivating Agricultural Products Suited to the Local Area Together with Farmers
    – Training for Agriculture Extension Workers Begins in Zambia –
  5. Madam, This is Our Metro!
    – Female Civil Engineer in Charge of Subway Construction Quality and Safety Management in India –
  6. Implementing Strategic Plans for ICT Designed by Rwandans Themselves
    – Supporting efforts to build foundation for ICT as national development and business endeavor –
  7. Creating Our Own System through Our Own Deliberation, Trial, and Error
    – Supporting Local Government Reform in Tanzania –
  8. I Want to Make Children Smile and Foster the Great Athletes of the Next Generation
    – The Story of Laos’ First Football Instructor from Japan –
  9. Latin America’s “Illness of the Poor Stratum”: Fighting Chagas Disease Together with Local Residents
    – Implementing a Control and Surveillance Project to Deal with the Insect Vector of the Kissing Bug in Nicaragua –
  10. Encouraging Elementary School Students to Improve Their Schools through Classroom Cleaning and Children’s Clubs
    – The Activities of Save the Children Japan in Iraq –
  11. Fostering a Spirit of Self-reliance through Demining
    –Activities of Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS) in Angola –
  12. Japanese Civil Engineering Alleviates Traffic Jams in Hanoi
    – Construction of Nhat Tan Bridge, Proof of Friendship that Exists between Viet Nam and Japan –
  13. Promoting Growth among Craftspeople through Japanese Corporate Quality Standards
    – Global Debut of Kyrgyz Felt Products at MUJI –
  14. Collaborating with Local Community to Improve Water Environment
    – Activities of JEN, NGO Supporting Syrian Refugees in Jordan –
  15. Save Kenya’s Roads, Arteries of the East African Economy!
    – An Expressway Professional Creates a New Road Management Framework –
  16. Ensuring Stable Incomes through Shellfish Aquaculture
    – Technical Support for Shellfish Aquaculture in Eastern El Salvador –
  17. Saving Beautiful Island from Waste through the Power of Community
    – Japanese Working to Resolve Waste Problem on Vava’u Island in Tonga –
  18. An Indigenous Union Makes Inroads into Coffee Industry
    – JICA Partnership Program and a Café in Mexico –