Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2008

Table of Contents

Part IV

  1. Chart IV-1. ODA Budget
  2. Chart IV-2. General Account Budget
  3. Chart IV-3. Breakdown of the ODA Project Budget
  4. Chart IV-4. ODA General Account Budget (for the Entire Government)
  5. Chart IV-5. ODA Project Budget (for the Entire Government)
  6. Chart IV-6. Financial Resources for the ODA Project Budget and Expenditure by Type of Assistance
  7. Chart IV-7. ODA Budget Changes for Ministries and Agencies (General Account Budget)
  8. Chart IV-8. ODA Budget Changes for Ministries and Agencies (Project Budget)
  9. Chart IV-9. Project Budget (FY 2008 Project Budget) and Project Outlines by Ministry and Agency
  10. Chart IV-10. Flows from Japan to Developing Countries
  11. Chart IV-11. Bilateral ODA by Income Groups (Breakdown by DAC Classification)
  12. Chart IV-12. ODA by Type
  13. Chart IV-13. Bilateral ODA by Region and Type
  14. Chart IV-14. Breakdown of Disbursements by Country and Type
  15. Chart IV-15. Top 30 Recipients of Japan's Bilateral ODA by Type
  16. Chart IV-16. List of Countries in which Japan is their Top Donor
  17. Chart IV-17. Countries and Regions which have Received Japan's ODA (Disbursements up to 2007)
  18. Chart IV-18. Bilateral ODA by Sector
  19. Chart IV-19. Disbursement for Overseas Disaster Assistance (implementation of the Law Concerning the Dispatch of Japan Disaster Relief Teams)
  20. Chart IV-20. Disbursements for Dispatch of Japan Disaster Relief Team and Provision of Emergency Relief Goods sleeping pads (FY2007)
  21. Chart IV-21. Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Partnership Projects (FY2007 disbursements)
  22. Chart IV-22. Performance of Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Partnership Projects by Sector (FY2007 disbursements)
  23. Chart IV-23. Aid Disbursements by NGOs of DAC Countries
  24. Chart IV-24. Share of Aid through Multilateral Institutions among Gross ODA of Major Donor Countries
  25. Chart IV-25. Trends in ODA Disbursements to Multilateral Institutions
  26. Chart IV-26. Disbursements for Contributions, Subscriptions, etc. to Multilateral Institutions by Major Donor Countries (Top 5 Countries)
  27. Chart IV-27. DAC Countries' ODA Disbursements
  28. Chart IV-28. DAC Countries' ODA by Type
  29. Chart IV-29. ODA as Percent of GNI in DAC Countries
  30. Chart IV-30. Per Capita ODA in DAC Countries
  31. Chart IV-31. Grant Share of ODA in DAC Countries
  32. Chart IV-32. Grant Aid in Absolute Amounts by DAC Countries
  33. Chart IV-33. Grant Element of Total ODA by DAC Countries
  34. Chart IV-34. Tying Status of Bilateral ODA of DAC Countries
  35. Chart IV-35. Comparison of ODA by Major DAC Countries
  36. Chart IV-36. Share of Disbursements by Major DAC Countries by Region
  37. Chart IV-37. Aid by Major Sector in 2006
  38. Chart IV-38. The Flow of Financial Resources from DAC Countries to Developing Countries
  39. Chart IV-39. ODA from Non-DAC Donors
  40. Chart IV-40. DAC List of Aid Recipients for 2007

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