Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2007

Table of Contents


  1. Chart II-1. Japan's Official Development Assistance in 2006
  2. Chart II-2. Japan's Bilateral Official Development Assistance by Type
  3. Chart II-3. Trends in Japan's ODA Budget and Other Major Expenditures
  4. Chart II-4. Trends in Bilateral ODA by Region (Net Disbursement)
  5. Chart II-5. Trends in the ODA of Major DAC Countries (Net Disbursement)
  6. Chart II-6. Trends in the ODA of Major DAC Countries (Gross Disbursement)
  7. Chart II-7. Per Capita ODA in DAC Countries
  8. Chart II-8 Ratio of ODA to GNI in DAC Countries
  9. Chart II-9. Trends in Japan's ODA and as percent of GNI
  10. Chart II-10. Amount of Japan's Assistance to Least Developed Countries in Japan's Bilateral Assistance
  11. Chart II-11 Ratio of Grants to LDC in Japan's Bilateral Assistance
  12. Chart II-12. Changes in the Number of Foreign Students in Japan (as of May 2006)
  13. Chart II-13. Relationships between Dakar Framework and MDGs
  14. Chart II-14. Japan's Assistance for Science and Mathematics Education
  15. Chart II-15. Disbursements in the Water and Sanitation Sector by Purpose
  16. Chart II-16. Disbursements in the Water and Sanitation Sector by Region
  17. Chart II-17. Disbursements in the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Sectors by Region
  18. Chart II-18. Implementation Status of the Environmental Conservation Initiative for Sustainable Development (EcoISD) (Sample)
  19. Chart II-19. Assistance Disbursement in Health and Medical Sectors by Region
  20. Chart II-20. Key Workings Related to the Avian and Pandemic Influenza
  21. Chart II-21. Mosquito Nets Provided to Counter Malaria (as of November 2007)
  22. Chart II-22. Japan's Major Assistance on Tuberculosis (1963-May 2007)
  23. Chart II-23. Disbursements in the Disaster Prevention Sector by Type
  24. Chart II-24. Disbursements in the Disaster Prevention Sector by Region
  25. Chart II-25. Conceptual Diagram of Peacebuilding
  26. Chart II-26. Japan's Assistance to Iraq (Assistance obligated as of November 2007)
  27. Chart II-27. Assistance for the Reconstruction of Iraq through the Japan Platform
  28. Chart II-28. Breakdown of Support to Afghanistan (as of November 2007)
  29. Chart II-29. Record of Japan's Assistance for Sudan to Consolidate Peace (as of November 2007)
  30. Chart II-30. Disbursements to Assist Countermeasures for Anti-personnel Landmines since FY1998
  31. Chart II-31. Japan's Assistance in the East Asia Region
  32. Chart II-32. Trends in Loan Aid to China
  33. Chart II-33. Japan's Assistance in the Southwest Asia Region
  34. Chart II-34. Japan's Assistance in the Central Asia and the Caucasus Region
  35. Chart II-35. Japan's Assistance in the African Region
  36. Chart II-36. Japan's Assistance in the Middle East
  37. Chart II-37. Concept for the Corridor for Peace and Prosperity
  38. Chart II-38. Japanese Efforts via the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Initiative
  39. Chart II-39. Japan's Assistance in the Latin America
  40. Chart II-40. Japan's Assistance in the Oceania
  41. Chart II-41. Japan's Assistance in Europe
  42. Chart II-42. List of Country Assistance Programs and Countries with Country-based ODA Task Forces
  43. Chart II-43. NGO-MOFA Regular Meetings Held in FY2006
  44. Chart II-44. Structure of Japan Platform
  45. Chart II-45. "Let's talk about Japan's international cooperation" and ODA On-Demand-Delivery Lecture (FY2006)

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