Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2006

Main Text > Part II ODA DISBURSEMENTS IN FISCAL YEAR 2005 > Chapter 2 Details about Japan's ODA > Section 5. Formulation and Implementation of ODA Policy > 1. System for Formulation and Implementation of ODA Policy > (2) Collaboration among Related Government Ministries and Agencies

(2) Collaboration among Related Government Ministries and Agencies

In order to maintain overall consistency between the ODA projects implemented by the various government ministries and agencies so as to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, collaboration and coordination among government ministries and agencies must be strengthened and the Government in its entirety must formulate and implement policies that are coherent and consistent. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) fulfills the central coordinating role encompassing the Government as a whole in overall planning related to ODA in accordance with the Basic Law on the Reform of Central Government Ministries and Agencies enacted in June 1998. This role was also reaffirmed in the final report (February 2006) of the Study Group on Overseas Economic Cooperation mentioned previously.

    Specifically, a variety of different meetings are held, such as Inter-Ministerial Meeting on ODA, Bureau Meeting for Inter-Ministerial Meeting on ODA, Experts Meeting on Financial Cooperation, and Experts Meeting on ODA Evaluation. In addition, Japan utilizes the knowledge of concerned government ministries and agencies for ODA policy planning, and works to strengthen broad-based collaboration among the ministries and agencies, including personnel exchanges.