Part III


Chapter 1 Japan’s ODA in Terms of Disbursements
Chapter 2 Details about Japan’s ODA
Section 1. Measures for each of the Priority Issues
1. Assistance for the Poverty Countermeasures and Social Development Sector
(1) Basic education
(2) Health
(3) Women in Development (WID)/ Gender
(4) Water and Sanitation
2. Support for Economic and Social Infrastructure
(1) Transportation Infrastructure
(2) Communications Infrastructure
(3) Development of the Urban and Rural Living Environments
(4) “Soft” Assistance Related to Infrastructure Development
3. Human Resources Development and Intellectual Support
(1) Human Resources Development
(2) Intellectual Support
(3) Support for Democratization
4. Addressing Global Issues
(1) Environmental Protection
(2) Infectious Diseases
(3) Food
(4) Energy
(5) Drugs
5. Conflicts, Disasters and Development
(1) Conflict and Development
(2) Disaster Reduction and Post-disaster Reconstruction
6. Japan’s Efforts toward Debt Issues
7. IT
Section 2. Current Status of Japan’s Assistance for Each Region
1. East Asian Region
2. Southwest Asian Region
3. Central Asian and the Caucasus Region
4. Middle East Region
5. African Region
6. Latin America and the Caribbean Region
7. Oceanian Region
8. European Region
Section 3. Current Status of Efforts in Areas of Concern in Relation to Aid Modalities, Implementation, and Management
1. Coordination of ODA Programs within the Japanese Government, among Implementing Agencies and with Various Schemes for Aid
2. Coordination OOF and with the Private Sector
3. Support to and Collaboration with NGOs, etc.
4. Coordination with Other Donor Countries and International Organizations
5. Support for South-South Cooperation
6. Understanding of the Conditions in Individual Developing Countries and the Formulation of Country Assistance Plans
7. Preliminary Studies, Monitoring of Implementation, and Ex-Post Evaluation
8. Fostering Development Personnel
9. Promoting Public Understanding and Participation
10. Promoting Information Disclosure
11. Others
(1) Increasing Transparency in ODA Project Procurement, etc.
(2) Ensuring the Safety of ODA Staff
Chapter 3 Major Documents Concerning Official Development Assistance (ODA)
1. The ODA Charter (approved by Cabinet decision in August 2003)
2. The Original Official Development Assistance Charter (approved by Cabinet decision in June 1992)
3. Japan’s Medium-Term Policy on Official Development Assistance (ODA)
4. List of Country Assistance Plans
5. List of Major Initiatives in each Sector
6. Press Statement by the Chairman of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC)
7. History of Japan’s Assistance to Developing Countries (1945 to December 2003)

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