Official Development Assistance (ODA)

December 15, 2015

The Government of Japan has been promoting quality infrastructure investment in Asia in collaboration with other countries and international organizations through "Partnership for Quality Infrastructure" (PQI) announced by Prime Minister Abe in May 2015.
As part of this initiative, the Government of Japan carries out the improvement of Japanese ODA Loans and Private-Sector Investment Finance, which consist of 12 measures, including (a) acceleration of government-related procedures of Japanese ODA Loans, (b) establishment of new Japanese ODA Loans and (c) exemption of the government guarantee for sub-sovereign entities (e.g. local governments and state-owned companies) as an exception.
In addition, the Government of Japan agreed on a new collaboration package with ADB, and it will also take measures to increase the supply of funding for projects with relatively high risk profiles through JBIC.

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