United Nations Resolution on the Standardization of Geographical Names III/20 & I.H.O. Technical Resolution A.4.2.6

1. United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographic Names (UNCSGN) Resolution III/20 "Names of Features beyond a Single Sovereignty" (1977):

The Conference,

  1. Recommends that countries sharing a given geographical feature under different names should endeavour, as far as feasible, to reach agreement on fixing a single name for the feature concerned;
  2. Further recommends that when countries sharing a given geographical feature do not succeed in agreeing on a common name, it should be a general rule of international cartography that the name used by each of the countries concerned will be accepted. A policy of accepting only one or some of such names while excluding the rest would be inconsistent in principle as well as inexpedient in practice.

2. IHO Technical Resolution A.4.2.6. (1974):

It is recommended that where two or more countries share a given geographical feature (such as a bay, a strait, channel or archipelago) under different names, they should endeavor to reach agreement on a single name for the feature concerned. If they have different official languages and cannot agree on a common name form, it is recommended that the name forms of each of the languages in question should be accepted for charts and publications unless technical reasons prevent this practice on small scale charts.

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