Fourth Periodic Report by the Government of Japan under Article 40 Paragraph 1(b) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights


I. General Comments

The Concept of the Public Welfare in the Japanese Constitution
Relation between the Covenant and Domestic Laws (including the Constitution)
Human Rights Protection Mechanisms in Japan

II. Information on Individual Articles of The Covenant

Article 1
-Apartheid Policy
Article 2
-Concerns Pertaining to Foreigners
-Measures for Persons with Disabilities
-Conclusions on the Various Human Rights Treaties
Article 3
-National Machinery for the Promotion of Gender Equality
-Women's Participation in Decision-making Processes
-Employment Measures for Women
-International Cooperation
Article 4
Article 5
Article 6
-The Issue of Capital Punishment
Article 7
-Strict Treatment of Unlawful Acts of Violence Committed by Law Enforcement Organizations and Measures to Prevent the Recurrence of Such Acts
Article 8
Article 9
-Legal View
-Detention of Suspects
Article 10
-Legal Framework
-Consultations with Family Members and Defense Counsel(s) at Criminal Custodial Facilities
-Treatment at Correctional Facilities
-So-called " Substitute Prison"
Article 11
Article 12
-Policies of Japan on refugees
Article 13
Article 14
-System for Cases of Required Defense Counsel
-Disclosure of Evidence to the Defense for Trial Preparation
-Changes in the Code of Civil Procedure
-The System of Legal Aid
Article 15
Article 16
Article 17
-Regulations and Situations pertaining to various Wire Tapping
-Situation pertaining to the Protection of Personal Data held by Administrative Organs
Article 18
-Report on Amendments in the Religious Juridical Persons Law
-Measures to Prevent Discrimination against Labourers Based on Thought or Creed
Article 19
-Restrictions on Freedom of Expression
Article 20
Article 21
Article 22
-Legal Framework
-Trade Unions
-Applying the "Subversive Activities Prevention Law" to Religious Groups
Article 23
-Report on the " Draft of the Bill for partial Revision of the Civil Code" (Amendment to allow the Retention of Separate Family Names for Spouses, Improvement of Regulations on the Grounds of Divorce)
Article 24
Article 25
Article 26
-Shares in Succession of an Illegitimate Child
-The Dowa Problem
Article 27
-Policies Relating to the Ainu People
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
-Crimes demanding the capital punishment
Figure 1: Changes in the number of female members in the Diet
Figure 2: Diet Positions held by Women
Figure 3: Condition of Female Administration by Position
Figure 4: Number and Ratio of Female National Public Services in Administrative Positions
Figure 5: Changes in the Percentage of Female Members in the National Commission
Figure 6: Changes in the Female Participation in National Advisory Councils and Committees

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