Japan's Contribution to Fight against Avian and Pandemic Influenza

19 November, 2005

The Government of Japan announced "Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Action Plan of Japanese Government" on 14th November taking into account the current spread of avian influenza and the increasing threat of pandemic influenza. The Government of Japan decided to take the following measures for international community, focusing on the Asian region where pandemic influenza is most likely to emerge, in accordance with the notion of "Human Security" and "'Health and Development' Initiative" announced last June.

1. Provision of anti-virals and other prevention equipment for early response

  • Japan will make available anti-virals, seasonal influenza test kits and personal protection equipment, for the use of international assistance to respond to outbreak of avian and pandemic influenza in developing countries.

2. Capacity Building in researches and healthcare

  • Japan will promote further coordination of joint international research between research institutes in Japan and other Asian countries. Japan will support to strengthen the capacities of country healthcare systems by training healthcare workers, dispatching teams of experts as well as constructing laboratories and providing necessary equipment.

3. Influenza Vaccination campaign in developing countries

  • Japan will promote seasonal influenza vaccination campaign in collaboration with international organisations. This will lessen the incidence of seasonal influenza thus allowing easier detection of human infection of avian influenza and will also contribute to prevent genetic recombination within humans. It will also contribute to the expansion of production capacity of vaccines in the world.

4. Cooperation with International Organizations

  • Japan will provide approximately US$ 2 million to WHO to enhance its surveillance capacity and to support distribution planning of anti-virals stockpiled by WHO.
  • Japan will contribute over US$ 800, 000 to the FAO and OIE for capacity building in the area of country veterinary administration, notification and avian influenza preparedness and response plan.

* Japan intends to announce more detailed assistance package including concrete budget of each program during the ASEAN summit meetings in December.

(annex 1)

Japan's Development Assistance in Asia related to Avian Influenza

November 2005


  • Supply of the goods necessary for epidemic prevention (medical check supplies for livestock, vaccines, etc.) (2003, US$ 13,000)
  • Expert dispatch (long-term expert posted in Thailand) (2004)


  • Supply of the goods necessary for epidemic prevention (clothes, boots, hats) (2003, US$ 82,000)
  • Dispatch of a research team including 3 experts (5 members) (September - October 2005)
  • Expert dispatch in the area of laboratory management (3 experts) and supply of goods necessary for epidemic prevention (medical check supplies for laboratory, diagnosis equipment, reagent) (October 2005, US$ 234,000 (incld. transport))
  • Expert dispatch in the area of management of laboratory for genetic analysis (2 experts), surveillance and epidemiology (2 experts), nosocomial infection (2 experts) and veterinary health (1 expert) (November 2005)


  • Supply of medicines (100 thousand Tamiflu) (2004, US$ 164,000)
  • The project for strengthening National Institute of Veterinary Research in Vietnam"(2000-2005, Technical cooperation project)
  • "The Bach Mai Hospital Project for Functional Enhancement"(2000-2005)


  • Supply of equipment for virus prevention and diagnosis (2004, equal to US$ 50,000)
  • Expert dispatch (long-term expert posted in Thailand) (2004)


  • "The Project of the Japan-Thailand Technical Cooperation on Animal Disease Control in Thailand and Neighboring Countries" (short-term and long-term expert dispatch (3 each), 2001-2006)


  • Expert dispatch (long-term expert posted in Thailand) (2004, Jun.-Jul. 2005)


  • Third Country Training (2004, Jun-July 2005. For Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar)
  • Expert dispatch(Jun.-July 2005)

Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos

  • Supply of equipment for epidemic prevention (via FAO) (Medical check equipment, mask, etc) (2004, US$ 1.6 million)

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