Portfolio of Water Actions (PWA)

I. Outline

Portfolio of Water Actions consists of actions for "Encouraging Governance and Ownership of Water Management" and "Fostering Partnerships to Support Ownership" contributed from countries and international organizations in the following fields:

(1) Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation

(2) Water for Food and Rural Development

(3) Water Pollution Prevention and Ecosystem Conservation

(4) Disaster Mitigation and Risk Management

(5) Water Resources Management and Benefit Sharing

(6) Other

II. Current Situation

A total of 382 actions have been contributed from 32 countries and 13 international organizations. (As of 7 March)

III. Next Steps

Additional actions contributed will be added to the current compilation and the final compilation will be presented by Ms. Chikage Oogi, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport at the plenary session of the Ministerial Conference on 22 March 2003.

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