Outline of the Statement by Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan, at the World Summit on Sustainable Development

September 2, 2002
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1. People and Hope

  • "People" as a key factor for Sustainable Development
    • Japan's development on the strength of its human resources, attaching paramount importance to education
    • Proposal for a "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development"
    • Japan shall provide no less than 250 billion yen (2.1 billion USD) in education assistance over a 5-year period
  • Health is just as essential as education
    • Realizing the indomitable spirit of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi through Japan's assistance in the medical and health sectors

2. Ownership and Partnership: Development

  • Respecting the ownership of the recipient and extending support as an equal partner
    = Japan's assistance philosophy
    = Spirit of TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development),
    passed on to the NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa's Development)
  • Trade: Assistance for capacity building,
    Duty-free and quota-free treatment for LDC's products
  • Investment: Investment-rule making at WTO
    Support to international investment promotion centers
  • Enhanced HIPC Initiative: Japan has contributed more than a quarter of G8's contribution
  • Sharing the experience of Asia with Africa and beyond: NERICA (New Rice for Africa)
  • Emergency food aid of 30 Million USD to southern Africa

3. Today's Complacency, Tomorrow's Plight: Environment

  • Entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol: Necessity of a common rule for all
  • Japan's experience of serious pollution: Sharing the lessons so that our friends will not repeat the grim experience
  • Japan's assistance in environment-related capacity building by training 5000 people from overseas over a five-year period
  • Japan will host the Third World Water Forum and its International Ministerial Conference
  • Living in Harmony with Nature: Expo 2005 in Aichi Prefecture
  • Calling upon all nations, international organizations and NGOs and other stakeholders to work together towards the success of the WSSD

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