International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC)

1. About Japan's assistance to UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC)

Japan indicated its willingness to host IETC in 1990 at the G7 Summit in Houston, and in the following year, the 16th Governing Council of UNEP adopted a decision to establish IETC in Japan. Since then, Japan has been a major donor to IETC, which promotes and implements environmentally sound technologies (ESTs), including management systems for disaster prevention, production and consumption, and water and sanitation.

2. Japan's Contribution

In particular, Japan has assisted in its activities including the establishment of a database on ESTs, organization of seminars and workshops for technology transfer to developing countries and economies in transition. One of the major projects that Japan has assisted in is the Support for Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands, which is renowned for the successful implementation of the EST pilot project to provide safe drinking water, community level initiatives, training and awareness-raising.


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